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Hacking BlackBerry Apps for Dummies - “How to find Serials using OLLYDBG “

Tools Needed :

  1. Blackberry device simulator from: http://na.blackberry.com/eng/developers/resources/simulators.jsp - you need to register
  2. OllyDBG debugger http://www.ollydbg.de/
  3. Clean.bat or anything similar located in the install directory of the BB Simulator

After installing all the needed applications go to the simulator directory and copy the Simulator batch file and clean file to your desktop
Example: My File location C:\Program Files (x86)\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 4.6.0\ (9000-Rogers)
Files I will copy to desktop are 9000-Rogers.bat and clean.bat
Once this is done go to desktop and locate the files, one again mine will be 9000-Rogers.bat
Open the file by right clicking on your mouse and them clicking on EDIT
The file will contain the following:
@echo off
fledge.exe /title="Blackberry 9000 Simulator -Rogers" /app=Jvm.dll /handheld=9000 /session=9000 /app-param=DisableRegistration /app-param=JvmAlxConfigFile:9000-Rogers.xml /data-port=0x4d44 /data-port=0x4d4e /pin=0x12345678
You now need to change the /pin=0x12345678 to your own PIN, press and hold Atl H on your blackberry to get your PIN THEN CHANGE /pin=0x(YOUR-PIN)
I will be using 21383c9c for testing purposes, but you can use your own
Next open the Simulator you downloaded and installed and follow the steps:
Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

After you completed the steps above the application you are trying to crack will be loaded into the simulator.
Now navigate to the application within the Simulator as if it were your handheld and open the application.

The Next Step is to open OLLYDBG

A New Window will popup look for

Next this will open

After the F9 go back to the Simulator and Enter a Random license key that you will remember, do not use 123456, in this case we will use 147258 the scroll to submit and ok you will see this screen

Go Back to OLLYDBG and press ALT-M – This will give you a Memory MAP

After expanding the box click on the first line and press Ctrl-B

A Similar window will pop up

Since we did not find the string Needed we Press Ctrl-L and look for it again, in this case we found it in the second try, but this is not always the case.

We now have the serial, so we can test it in the Simulator. I enter the code I found and... we are registered.
Every time you need to look for a code run the Clean.bat file or what ever it’s called to reset the Simulator.
Extra notes:
The Real Serial can be found at different locations:

  • Close to the fake serial
  • Close to the PIN in Hexadecimal (when you press Alt-H on your handheld
  • Close to the PIN in Decimal format that you’ve converted using Windows calculator in Advanced mode
  • At times the serial can be at the beginning of a long repetitive string. 147852369000 the code can be 14785, you will need to play around in order to find it.

Now for the Code Made Easy. I’ve tried to help by using different PINs and looking for strings that always show up close to the Real serial.
In this case when looking in the Memory MAP you can enter a string that I’ve posted in the Ctrl-B option and the serial will be close by. When you can’t find a serial try using an older version app since the serials for the updates are usually the same.

Now after all said and done, hacking any software is illegal and there can and probably will be legal consequences, I do not encourage or endorse this at all. Developers work hard to make these programs and by not purchasing the software you are taking food off their table. This tutorial is strictly for testing purposes and of course Fun only.
If you like the software please purchase it, they are not expensive and most of the time they are worth much more then they charge. You will also be able to get full support from the developers.
Some applications can crash your device due to bugs in the code and you will have absolutely no support from anyone unless you have purchased it.
Good Luck!Keep Testing!

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