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Battery Booster – Professional Power Optimizer

Item Description
Boost your battery’s current run-time!
Benefits: Enhance the current battery run-time.
No new hardware: Software only solution. No additional hardware needed!
Easy: Just install and save battery.
Convenience: Can run in background: BlackBerry® can be used for other purposes as well.
 - Battery saving recommendations for BlackBerry® settings: best practice backlight timeout and brightness settings for battery preservation.
 - Automatic battery saving mechanisms when devices is not used: radio or WiFi connections might not be necessary when the device is locked.
 - Low signal radio saver: a BlackBerry® phone searches extensively for better network coverage when the radio reception is low, this wastes an tremendous amount of power and drains the battery very quickly. BatteryBooster can now switch off your radio if reception is too low.
 - Fully configurable battery saving options.
Required Device Software
BlackBerry : 4.6.0 or higher
Download OTA : Click Here


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