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Written Tutorial Starts Here

Today I'll Be teaching You guys how to Crack/Bypass HWID Systems In Programs Such as Anything That has it.

Most Of you know If it has it or not, Of course when you click it, It should have like Access Denied, or A Custom Message Containing That you dont have access.

Well Today You'll Be Learning how to Gain Access Too Bypassing Around it.

Below Contains Pictures And Tutorials By Step - By Step Inorder of Doing This. I'm Also Sorry For You guys that put HWID in there program and dont want this Released Or Leaked In how to do this. ( NOTE ) It Shouldnt really Be a Problem Anyways since the people shouldnt have the program First Before Buying, As in If You do have HWID in a program you made and your selling it on here, If someone asks if you can get the program first or some how gains it Then There Able to crack it, Which your not suppose to do that. Always Let Them Buy it First, Even if they might be Ub3r/L33t Or Regular Member.

Things You Need:
(Download Fiddler2 Here)
HWID Protected Program

[Image: BannerSm.png]

Install Fiddler2 Step by Step Of what it says inorder too install it.

After Installing Fiddler2 Your all ready to go!!

Let's Get Started.

Okay, Once its Open You need to go to the top of Fiddler2
[Image: Untitl2ed.png]

Then, Go To Rules>Automatic BreakPoints>Before Requests
[Image: Untit2l2ed.png]

After you Select "Before Requests" Thats All You need To do! Now, Once you have a HWID Protected Program On Your desktop I need you too Click it, Once you do that There will Be a Popup in Fiddler2.

[Image: U2n2titled.png]

Thats the good Part! That Means that it can be crackable,bypassed if you see a .txt at that end in fiddler2 also, What you need to do then is, Click That popup in Fiddler2 And You will Get something Like This:

[Image: popup.png]

Click On Break On Response.


Now, After You Clicked Break On Response, Go To Text View.

[Image: HWID.png]

Awsome! You now see all the HWID id's In the Program They Put in it !, Now What you need to do is, Get a HWID Grabber Or Find your HWID ID, Copy And Paste That At the End Of the HWID's In fiddler2
[Image: Unt2222itled.png]

After You Put in your HWID After all of those, Press Run to Completion.

[Image: cracked_logo.png]

Tada! You Now Just Bypassed HWID, Now. Yes Everytime You want too use the program Thats protected you need to do all these steps again, ITS SO EASY once you know how to do it, By doing these too shell booters All you do is the same thing but better yet if you still have fiddler2 open, go to the Shell Booter After putting all the info on it Press the Attack Button it should now give you all the URLS in the booter like webdav ip's and more,

Credits to TheLollipopPrince

Untuk translate silahkan terjemahan sendiri

Sumber http://securitydoesntexist.net/

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